My name is Haylee.  Stories of Asian America is an ongoing collection of personal experiences from Asian Americans and Asian Immigrants living in the United States. I started this project for two reasons.  First, one of my strengths has always been getting people to open up to me about their lives, whether it’s a friend, acquaintance, or my Uber driver. I love learning about people – how they become who they are and why they believe in the things they do.  People inspire me. In listening to someone’s hardship and experiences, their stories inspire me to be a gentler person.  And I love sharing that inspiration with others.  Secondly, I think Asian American stories are severely underrepresented, and if presented, often misrepresented.  There are so many stories from this diverse community that just gets shoved under a rug. I hope my project and other projects that are similar, can fill that gap in providing a voice for our community.

Also, I would be lying if I said Brandon from  Humans of New York didn’t inspire me to take that leap of faith on this project.  One day, I hope our paths will cross. Think of all the stories we’ll be able to tell each other.

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